The Start of a New Chapter

Once Upon A Time…

Mr. and Mrs. Money Squirrel decided to take a leap of faith and move to a new town…no jobs, no real prospects, only some family and a dream…to get out of debt and to build a better life. So they sold as much of their stuff as they could. They packed what was left into a truck and drove more than 600 miles from Philadelphia to the charming town of Ann Arbor.

There they were welcomed by Mr. Money Squirrel’s brother and sister-in-law and their two beautiful boys. “Stay with me and see what will be,” said the brother.

So they did and then they hatched a plan…”we can live on what we squirreled away until we can build a better day. We’ll try our best to build businesses, get jobs, and have great adventures.”

To remember all the tales of their journey they started the Money Squirrel blog so that they could share the ups and downs of their journey to financial freedom.

Picture of Mr. & Mrs. Money Squirrel
Mr. & Mrs. Money Squirrel

Total Transparency

Welcome the the Money Squirrel blog. Our dream is to create a place where people can learn about  personal finance, the road to financial independence, and find a curated selection of the best financial advice we could find.

This is also a place for my wife and I to share our story and our journey. We’re a couple in our early 30s. We don’t have any kids, but we do have debt – $66,178.86 worth to be exact. To some of you that may not seem like a lot, but to us it is. We don’t own a house and we have some savings but it is safe to say that are net worth has a “-” in front of it.

We are trying a grand experiment. If the two of us can move to a new town, switch careers, and get of of debt then we’d know that the concepts we’ve learned can be used anywhere by almost anyone to improve their financial lives.

Join us on this leap of faith and let’s see where this road leads us.

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  • Ahhh now your move makes more sense. Love and miss you both soooooo much! Wishing you good fortune and most importantly ZERO DEBT!

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